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Product information "BaByliss Pro BAB2151E BabyCrimp Mini Crimper"

Babyliss Pro BAB2151E BabyCrimp Mini Waving Iron

The BabyCrimp Babyliss Pro BAB2151E Mini Waving Iron is ideal for both home users and professionals. Its nano-ceramic technology allows for gentle crimping for a smooth glide along the strands.

The Babyliss Pro babyCrimp mini curling iron offers ultra-fast heating and makes it easy to create volume from the roots. Its compact size and light weight make it easy to take with you on the go.

The temperature control it guarantees allows it to be used both as a hair straightener and a hair curler.

How to Use the BaByliss Pro BAB2151E BabyCrimp Mini Crimper

-Start with clean, dry hair
-Divide your hair into small sections
-Place a section of hair in between the plates
-Close the plates, crimping the hair as you go
-Repeat the process until you have crimped all desired sections
-Finish with hair spray to hold the style in place
-Enjoy your crimped hair style!


Tips from CTOTAL

- Use a heat-resistant spray.
- Place a strand of hair between the plates.
- Gently squeeze the handles.
- Slide the straightener along the hair to the ends.
- Repeat the process until you achieve your desired style.

Babylisss Pro BabyCrimp Mini Waving Iron Features

- Material: nano-ceramic plates
- Plate size: 60 x 16 mm
- Total size: 15 cm
- Automatic temperature: 200°C/392°F
- Cord length: 1.8 m
- Voltage: 120V-240V, multi voltage
- On/off switch
- Indicator light


Q: Can this mini curling iron be used abroad?
A: The Babyliss Pro BabyCrimp Mini Waving Iron is multi-voltage between 120V and 240V, which makes it safe to use overseas.

Q: How big is the Babyliss Pro Mini Waving Iron?
A: This Babyliss Pro Mini Waving Iron has a total size of 15 cm. 


Warranty period: 2 years
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