BaByliss RS035CHE Thermo Ceramic Rollers

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Babyliss RS035CHE Ceramic Curlers The Babyliss Pro hair curlers are primarily designed... more
Product information "BaByliss RS035CHE Thermo Ceramic Rollers"

Babyliss RS035CHE Ceramic Curlers

The Babyliss Pro hair curlers are primarily designed to create well-defined curls and flawless waves for a stunning and attractive appearance.

With various sizes of 8 x 32mm, 6 x 25mm, and 6 x 19mm offered by the Babyliss brand, you might create unique designs. As well as the presence of 10 butterfly clips and 20 metal clips to make neatly curled hair. Not to mention their smooth and pleasant-to-the-touch texture, which aims to provide exceptional softness and comfort during application.

The Babyliss brand's remarkable hair curler innovation allows for amazing curly and wavy hair. In addition, the anti-frizz treatment results in fuller, longer-lasting hair.

Characteristics of the RS035CHE curler:

- The RS035CHE curler has 8 x 32mm, 6 x 25mm, and 6 x 19mm diameters, as well as 10 clamps;
- There are 20 metal clips available;
- Ionic technology was used to create this design;
- System of automatic halting;
- Velvet coating.

How to use the Babyliss RS035CHE Ceramic Curlers?

- The Babyliss hair rollers are easy to use;

- The device must initially be placed on a flat, heat-resistant surface;

- Then turn on the equipment and wait until the color of one of the curlers with a temperature indication dot changes to white, indicating that all curlers are at their ideal temperature for use;

- Carefully comb the hair while waiting for the gadget to heat up;

- Distribute the hair and wrap each strand in a curler, lifting it at a straight angle to the scalp while carefully sliding the curlers from the roots to the ends when the appliance has warmed up;

- Hold the curler as close to the scalp as possible with a butterfly clip;

- Then, in order to have more beautiful and well-maintained curls, you must hold the curlers for a few minutes; for more defined hair, you must hold the curlers for up to 10 minutes. If you desire less defined curls, minimize the time required for curling;

- Wrap the curlers lightly around the hair and allow it to resume its shape after the timeline for the operation has passed;

- Finally, once your hair has been set, comb it and style it as desired.

C-Total's tips:

- Before using the curlers, make sure the hair is evenly distributed;
- For more voluminous hair, use GHD Pick Me Up Root Volume Spray;
- For well-defined and gorgeous curls, GHD Curly Ever After Spray is highly recommended.


Q: How long do the curlers keep their heat?
A: The Babyliss curlers stay hot for 15 minutes.

Q: Can I curl my hair with the curlers if it's dry?
A: Curlers should only be used on hair that has been washed, detangled, and pre-dried.

Q: What is the voltage of the appliance?
A: The voltage on the gadget is 230 volts.


Warranty period: 2 years
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