PACINOS Signature Line Flat Guide Gold Comb

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Pacinos Flat Guide Gold Comb The Pacinos Line Signature gold flat guide hair comb is... more
Product information "PACINOS Signature Line Flat Guide Gold Comb"

Pacinos Flat Guide Gold Comb

The Pacinos Line Signature gold flat guide hair comb is specifically made to untangle hair and impart extreme softness to it.

With its flawless golden color and exquisite flat texture. The hair comb provides a flawless design and a flawless finishing touch befitting of professionals.

The flat comb is perfect for gently combing the hair, removing knots and other impurities, and restoring the shine.

Benefits of the gold flat guide comb:

- Designed for all hair types;
- Used to detangle hair.
- Softens hair deeply;
- Professional texture.

How to use the gold flat guide comb?

- In order to get smooth, attractive hair, it is essential to carefully comb the hair from the roots to the ends when using the gold flat guide comb.
- Comb the hair the other way, from the roots to the ends, if you want to add volume for a sophisticated texture and dramatic volume.

C-Total's tips:

- It is best to detangle hair gently;
- Divide the hair into small sections and start detangling the hair to remove knots;
- For a perfect finish, it is recommended to use the finishing pomade.


Q: Is the comb the best option for curly hair?
A: Texturizing Comb Claw, which is primarily made for curly hair, is the best tool to use.

Q: Is there a brush I can buy for my lengthy hair? 
A: To assist in untangling long hair, we do suggest the Paciones Wide Cushioned Brush.

Brand: Pacinos
Product type: Kamm
Function: Haircut, Hair detangling
Product color: golden
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