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WAHL GroomsMan Body Hair Trimmer

The WAHL GroomsMan Body Hair Trimmer is a complete grooming set designed to meet all your body grooming needs. With its 360-degree rotating head, it provides smooth and precise grooming from all angles, making it the perfect tool for maintaining your body hair.

Benefits of the WAHL GroomsMan Body Hair Trimmer :

- Self-sharpening blade for unmatched precision
- Cordless operation with 60 minutes run time
- 10 cutting lengths with a cutting width of 30mm
- 360-degree rotating head for grooming from all angles
- Complete grooming kit for the body with attachments for beard and detailed finishing

How to Use the WAHL GroomsMan Body Hair Trimmer ?

- Charge the battery for 12 hours
- Choose the desired cutting length with the 6-position guide comb
- Turn on the trimmer and adjust the head angle for comfortable grooming
- Start grooming and trimming your body hair
- When done, turn off the trimmer and clean it with the cleaning brush

C-Total Tips

- Keep the trimmer clean for optimal performance
- Oil the blade regularly for longer lifespan
- Use the adjustable comb for different cutting lengths
- Store the trimmer in the storage station after use

Maintenance of the WAHL GroomsMan Body Hair Trimmer

Regular oiling is recommended for optimal performance and longer lifespan of the trimmer.

What the Product Comes With ?

- Body trimmer
- Trimmer attachment
- Foil shaving head with cap
- Standard combs for: 3-day beard (1.5mm), Onewhisker (3 mm), Beard (4.5 mm)
- 6-way adjustable comb (2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm)
- Power supply
- Cleaning brush
- Blade oil
- Storage station
- Instructions


Q: Is the WAHL GroomsMan Body Hair Trimmer cordless?
A: Yes, the trimmer offers 60 minutes of cordless operation.

Q: Can the trimmer be used for beard grooming?
A: Yes, the trimmer comes with attachments for beard grooming.

Q: Can the head of the trimmer rotate 360 degrees?
A: Yes, the head of the trimmer can rotate 360 degrees for convenient grooming from all angles.










Warranty period: 2 years
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