WAHL LED Beard And Hair Clipper

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WAHL LED Beard And Hair Clipper   The Wahl LED Beard and Hair Clipper is the ideal... more
Product information "WAHL LED Beard And Hair Clipper"

WAHL LED Beard And Hair Clipper

 The Wahl LED Beard and Hair Clipper is the ideal grooming tool for men who want to achieve a clean, professional look with ease. With its rotary motor and rechargeable battery, this clipper provides 60 minutes of cordless runtime for maximum flexibility and freedom of movement. The hybrid blades offer both the power to cut hair and the precision to trim beards, and the 8 guide combs provide 8 cutting lengths from 3mm to 25mm. The clipper is also easy to clean, with detachable blades that can be rinsed under running water.

Benefits of the Wahl LED Beard and Hair Clipper :

- Hybrid blades for power and precision
- Cordless operation with 60 minutes of runtime
- 8 guide combs for 8 cutting lengths
- Smart LED battery level indicator
- Detachable and rinseable blades for easy cleaning

How to Use the Wahl LED Beard and Hair Clipper ?

- Charge the battery fully before first use
- Attach the desired guide comb to the clipper
- Turn on the clipper and adjust to the desired cutting length
- Begin trimming hair or beard
- Rinse the blades under running water after use

C-Total Tips

- Always use on clean, dry hair or beard
- Start with a longer guide comb and gradually reduce length as desired
- Keep the clipper blade oiled for best performance
- Store the clipper in a cool, dry place when not in use
- The Wahl LED Beard and Hair Clipper is comparable to WAHL ProLithium Beret Black Stealth Hair Trimmer in terms of performance, features and functionality


- Rechargeable battery,
- rotary motor,
- hybrid blades,
- 8 guide combs,
- smart LED battery level indicator


Q: Can the blades be replaced?
A: Yes, the blades are detachable and can be replaced if needed.

Q: Is the clipper cordless?
A: Yes, the clipper can be used cordless with its rechargeable battery, or with the cord if desired.

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: The battery provides up to 60 minutes of cordless runtime.






Warranty period: 2 years
Brand: Wahl
Product color: black
Function: Haircut
Operation mode : Battery operation, Mains operation
Product type: Hair clipper
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