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Moser 4350-0050 Ventus Föhn (Haartrockner) Moser Moser 4350-0050 Ventus Hair Dryer
CHF69.00 *

Moser Diffuser, Aufsatz Moser Moser Diffuser, attachment
CHF17.50 *

Moser 1591 ChroMini Pro Weiss Moser Moser 1591 ChroMini Pro White
CHF105.90 *

Moser 1591-0070 T-Cut Haarschneider Moser Moser T-Cut Hair Trimmer
CHF99.00 *

Moser 1400-0457 Classic Haarschneider Moser Moser 1400-0457 Classic Hair Clipper
CHF45.00 *


Moser CeraCurl Lockenstab 19mm Moser Moser CeraCurl Curling Iron 19mm
CHF68.65 *

Moser CeraStyle MINI Glätteisen (Haarglätter) Moser Moser CeraStyle MINI Straightening Iron
CHF24.90 *

Moser Senso Nose And Ear Hair Trimmer Moser Moser Senso Nose And Ear Hair Trimmer
CHF14.90 *

Moser Neck Brush Moser Moser Neck Brush
CHF9.90 *

Moser Mobile Shaver Akku Rasierer Moser Moser Mobile Shaver Rechargeable Shaver
CHF20.50 *

Moser Chromstyle Pro Black Haarschneider Moser Moser Chromstyle Pro Black Hair Clippers
CHF145.00 *

Moser Pro TitanCurl 19 mm Lockenstab Moser Moser Pro TitanCurl 19 mm Curling Iron
CHF40.90 *

Moser Pro TitanCurl 25 mm Lockenstab Moser Moser Pro TitanCurl 25 mm Curling Iron
CHF66.90 *

Moser Pro TitanCurl 32 mm Lockenstab Moser Moser Pro TitanCurl 32 mm Curling Iron
CHF40.90 *

Moser Primat Mini Trimmer Moser Moser Primat Mini Trimmer
CHF44.90 *

Moser Sprühflasche Moser Moser Spray Bottle
CHF9.90 *

Umhang Moser Moser Moser Cape
CHF8.90 *

Moser 0092-6090 Umhang Für Frauen Rose Gold Moser Moser Cape For Women Rose Gold
CHF7.90 *

ERMILA, Moser Plastik Aufschiebekamm-Set ERMILA ERMILA, Moser Plastic Slide-on comb set
CHF13.90 *

Moser Easy Groom Nasentrimmer Moser Moser Easy Groom Nose Trimmer
CHF31.00 *

Moser Basic Trimmer Moser Moser Basic Trimmer
CHF60.90 *

Moser Trimmer Lithium Ion Haarschneidemaschine Moser Moser Trimmer Lithium Ion Hair Clipper
CHF81.90 *

Moser 1400-0458 Edition Haarschneidemaschine Moser Moser 1400-0458 Edition Hair Clipper
CHF47.90 *

Moser Trend Cut Li+ Haarschneidemaschine Moser Moser Trend Cut Li+ Hair Clipper
CHF94.90 *

Moser 1877-0051 Chrom2style Haarschneider Moser Moser Chrome2Style Hair Clippers
CHF145.00 *

Moser 1584-0053 Li+Pro Mini Rose Gold Haartrimmer Moser Moser Li+Pro Mini Rose Gold Hair Trimmer
CHF145.00 *

Moser 1874-0053 Genio Pro Fading Edition Haarschneider Moser Fading Edition Hair Clippers
CHF179.00 *

Moser 1871-0082 ChromStyle Pro White Haarschneider Moser Moser ChromStyle Pro White Hair Clippers
CHF145.00 *

Moser 1886-0051 Neo Black Haarschneider Moser Black Hair Clippers
CHF103.00 *

Moser 1586-0051 Neo Liner Haartrimmer Moser Moser Neo Liner Hair Trimmer
CHF95.90 *

Moser 1881-0051 Easy Style Haarschneider Moser Moser Easy Style Hair Clippers
CHF114.90 *
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Hair Cutter designed for real professionals – MOSER

MOSER has been a symbol of quality and innovation for over 70 years. MOSER, a company based in the Black Forest, produces high-quality hair clippers that are well-known around the world. MOSER is a world-renowned hair clipper manufacturer, trusted (rightly) by the best hairdressers and hair professionals from over 100 countries, thanks to its clear design and precision.

MOSER - more than just hair clippers

If you value quality, we have good news for you: MOSER not only makes quality hair clippers, but also quality hairdryers, curling irons, straightening irons, shaving heads, and other hairdressers professional accessories.

MOSER stands for quality that pays off. The best results and a long lasting service life will make you happy with your decision to have chosen one of the best brands for hair cutters & more.

True classics like the Moser 1400 Classic hair clipperChromstyle hair clipper, or Genio-Pro will convince you of MOSER's quality, and we at C TOTAL will convince you with fair prices and quick delivery.




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