General terms and conditions


General terms and conditions of C-TOTAL GmbH

1. General

1.1. These general terms and conditions (GTC) regulate the relationships between C-TOTAL GmbH and its customers.
1.2. They are a mandatory part of every contract concluded between C-TOTAL GmbH and its customers.
1.3. Subsidiary agreements, assurances, additions or changes to the terms and conditions are required

2. Scope

2.1. C-TOTAL GmbH provides the services on the basis of the GTC in the version valid at the time of the individual conclusion of the contract.
2.2. These terms and conditions apply indefinitely, as long as they are not changed by the parties by written agreement or C-TOTAL GmbH decides on a new version of its terms and conditions.
2.3. The terms and conditions apply to every type of contract.

3. Delivery area

3.1. C-TOTAL GmbH only delivers the products to addresses of customers in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

4. Minimum order value

4.1. There is no minimum order value.

5. Offer and conclusion of contract

5.1. All information on goods and prices on the C-TOTAL GmbH website are subject to change and non-binding.
5.2. By ordering via the website, the customer makes a binding offer. C-TOTAL GmbH confirms acceptance of the offer by email to the customer. With this acceptance, the contract is deemed to have been concluded.
5.3. C-TOTAL GmbH reserves the right to refuse orders without giving any reason.
5.4. If the goods ordered by the customer are not available in the desired quantity or at the price stated on the C-TOTAL GmbH website, C-TOTAL GmbH will notify the customer. In this case, the contract is only concluded when the customer confirms the order again in writing by e-mail or in another way.
5.5. All information on goods and prices in the store of C-TOTAL GmbH are subject to change and non-binding.
5.6. With the order via the application in the store, the customer makes a binding offer. C-TOTAL GmbH confirms the acceptance of the offer by sending a delivery note to the customer. With this acceptance, the contract is deemed to have been concluded.
5.7. If the goods ordered by the customer are not available in the desired quantity or at the price specified in the C-TOTAL GmbH shop, C-TOTAL GmbH will notify the customer. In this case, the contract is only concluded when the customer confirms the order again in writing.
5.8. In particular, C-TOTAL GmbH reserves the right to reject an order if there is a legal dispute with the customer, in particular in connection with payments that have not been made for orders that have already been placed with C-TOTAL GmbH, or if an invoice from the same person or due for payment is otherwise due are still open to a person living in the same household.
5.9. The order processing and contact take place via email and automated order processing. The customer must ensure that the e-mail address given by him to process the order is correct so that the e-mails sent by C-TOTAL GmbH can be received at this address. In particular, when using SPAM filters, the customer must ensure that all emails sent by C-TOTAL GmbH can be delivered.

6. Online and store ordering service and information service

6.1. C-TOTAL GmbH offers customers an online ordering service around the clock.
6.2. C-TOTAL GmbH offers customers an order service from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. Saturday is the opening time from closed o'clock
6.3. C-TOTAL GmbH is available for information by email from Monday to Friday.
6.4. By arrangement, C TOTAL has the option of placing orders by email. The customer undertakes to check all items invoiced after receipt of the invoice and to notify C TOTAL GmbH of any discrepancies immediately. Items that have already been shipped that do not meet the customer's requirements due to insufficient information from the customer will not be returned by C TOTAL GmbH.

7. Terms of delivery

7.1. The delivery of the ordered articles takes place up to a certain order value at the expense of the customer.
7.2. The customer's order is processed immediately and sent after payment.
7.3. For products that C-TOTAL GmbH does not have in stock, the customer is informed of the delivery time on the product page and during the purchase process.
7.4. The delivery costs are calculated during the shopping process, shown during the order and confirmed when the order is placed.
7.5. C-TOTAL GmbH recommends its customers to combine several articles in one order, as two different orders cannot be combined. The shipping costs are calculated separately for each order.
7.6. In the case of cash on delivery, the cash on delivery fees will be charged.
7.7. C-TOTAL GmbH is not liable in the event of undeliverability or delayed delivery of the goods due to incorrect specification of the delivery address by the customer or the absence of the customer at the place of delivery and reserves the right to invoice the customer for the costs incurred in this context if the delivery attempt is incorrect to deliver.
7.8. The specified delivery times cannot be guaranteed and are intended as a guide.
7.9. C-TOTAL GmbH is not liable for delivery delays through no fault of its own, e.g. due to force majeure, traffic jams, bad weather conditions, etc., and they neither entitle the customer to withdraw from the purchase contract nor to compensation. Longer delivery times must be expected before public holidays.
7.10. A delay in delivery by C-TOTAL GmbH does not lead to a reduction in the sales price.
7.11. If the goods are not picked up at the store within 14 days, C-TOTAL GmbH can cancel the order
7.12. C-TOTAL GmbH owns a warehouse. The products that can be purchased in the online shop are in stock. Items available from stock are usually packed and shipped on the same day or the day after the order is placed. The customer will therefore receive the order within 1 to 2 working days. Products that are not available from stock must first be obtained from the manufacturer or supplier. This means that the time of delivery can be delayed. In no case do delays in delivery justify claims for damages or a right to withdraw from the contract.

8. Shipping partner

8.1. The ordered products are sent to customers by Swiss Post.

9. Sales in the online shop and store

9.1. Sales in the online shop are made according to the payment method individually agreed between C-TOTAL GmbH and its customers.
9.2. Sales in the shop are made according to the payment method individually agreed between C-TOTAL GmbH and its customers. Direct payment on site only.
9.3. When collecting orders that have already been paid for or orders on account with PowerPay, the customer must be able to identify himself.
9.4. The delivered products remain the property of C-TOTAL GmbH in all cases until the ordered products have been paid for in full or payment has been confirmed by the credit card provider.

10. Control of the goods and right of return

10.1. The customer undertakes to check the goods immediately upon receipt.
10.2. Any complaints regarding quality, completeness and other defects in the delivery must be communicated to C-TOTAL GmbH immediately, but no later than 10 working days after receipt of the delivery.
10.3. If the complaint is not made within the deadline, the purchased item is deemed to have been approved.
10.4. Returns or exchanges due to disapproval or incorrectly ordered goods are excluded.
10.5. A cancellation of the ordered products is only possible after consultation with C-TOTAL GmbH
10.6. Images of all products and illustrations are not binding in terms of color and may differ from the original. Technical designations of the products supplied may differ from the manufacturer's designation or the information given on the Internet.

11. Warranty and repairs

11.1. The customer receives the original manufacturing guarantee on devices and other guarantee items.
11.2. C-TOTAL GmbH does not guarantee that the products are suitable for the use planned by the customer or that they produce a certain result.
11.3. Any returns due to a defect must be made within 10 days of receipt of the goods and will only be processed if the sender and the reason for the return are clearly described in writing. C-TOTAL GmbH will then check the return for the specified defect. If there is no defect, C-TOTAL GmbH is not obliged to take back the goods or to make any refund. If there is a defect and the return conditions have been correctly complied with, C-TOTAL GmbH will reimburse it immediately.
11.4. Within the scope of what is legally permissible, C-TOTAL GmbH excludes any liability with regard to topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the descriptions and information provided. Liability claims against C-TOTAL GmbH relating to damage or consequential damage of a material or immaterial nature caused by the use or non-use of the information provided or the use of incorrect and incomplete information are fundamentally excluded. C-TOTAL GmbH reserves the right to change, add to, or delete individual pages, parts of pages or the entire offer without prior notice, or to temporarily or permanently discontinue publication.
11.5. The guarantee certificate is required for repairs that fall within the guarantee period.
11.6. The customer is obliged to keep the guarantee certificate carefully.
11.7. Store purchases must be checked immediately upon receipt by the customer. After leaving the shop, no return, exchange or refund is possible.

12. Prices

12.1. Our net prices are in Swiss Francs (CHF), exclusive of statutory VAT.
12.2. The prices for the products offered are those listed on the website or in the store on the day on which the customer places the order.
12.3. We reserve the right to change prices after the conclusion of the contract due to changes in taxes, fees, charges or shipping costs.
12.4. The notification of the price change takes place in the order confirmation to the customer.
12.5. If there is an error in the price, c-total reserves the right to make price changes retrospectively. In such a case, the customer will be informed as soon as possible and can withdraw from the purchase of the product.

13. Weight

13.1. The customer acknowledges and accepts that there may be insignificant weight differences between the goods and the weight stated in the order and / or on the website.

14. Payment terms

14.1. C-TOTAL GmbH delivers the ordered articles to new customers only against prepayment.
14.2. C-TOTAL GmbH only delivers the goods to regular customers who do not meet their payment obligations and to new customers who do not meet their payment obligations against prepayment or cash on delivery.
14.3. For orders from CHF 1,000.00 net price of the total order, C-TOTAL GmbH requires a deposit or advance payment.
14.4. Purchase on account with partial payment option (PowerPay)

With the PowerPay monthly invoice you can easily pay for your online purchase by invoice with a partial payment option. As an external payment service provider, MF Finance AG / PowerPay offers the payment method “payment by invoice”. When the purchase contract is concluded, PowerPay takes over the resulting invoice claim and processes the corresponding payment modalities. When purchasing on account, you accept the PowerPay terms and conditions in addition to our terms and conditions. (

You will receive the monthly invoice in the following month by post. In the case of partial payments, at least 10% of the outstanding invoice amount must be paid per month. In this way, you can easily decide for yourself how many partial payments you would like to settle the bill. Please note that there is an administration fee of CHF 2.90 per invoice.

Within the framework of this contract, MF Finance AG / PowerPay grants you a consumer loan in accordance with Art. 12 KKG, provided you make use of the partial payment option and there is no reason for exclusion under Art. 7 Para. 1 KKG.

15. Disclaimer of liability and warranty

15.1. C-TOTAL GmbH excludes any liability, subject to the statutory provisions.
15.2. If the customer suffers direct or indirect damage or consequential damage as a result of a product sold by C-TOTAL GmbH, C-TOTAL GmbH cannot be made liable for this. In particular, this also excludes damage caused by use, incorrect performance or loss of performance

16. Security and Privacy

16.1. The exchanged data will be treated confidentially by C-TOTAL GmbH.
16.2. The personal data collected by us will be passed on to the transport company commissioned with the delivery as part of the contract processing, insofar as this is necessary for the delivery of the goods.

17. Changes to the Terms and Conditions

17.1. Changes to the terms and conditions are made by C-TOTAL GmbH exclusively in writing and are reserved at any time.

18. Applicable Law

18.1. Swiss law applies exclusively.

19. Place of jurisdiction

19.1. The place of jurisdiction is at the headquarters of C-TOTAL GmbH, unless there is a mandatory legal place of jurisdiction.

20. Final provisions

20.1. The availability and availability of the products as well as changes to the range, article and price are reserved at all times.
20.2. C-TOTAL GmbH and the customers endeavor to amicably resolve any disputes that may arise from the implementation of this contract.
20.3 C-TOTAL GmbH reserves the right to decide who will be registered as a hairdresser and thus receive discounts. If someone is only registered as a hairdresser after one or more orders, C-TOTAL GmbH is not liable for the price difference to the last orders
20.4 Opening an article in the C-TOTAL GmbH shop obliges you to buy it

Zurich, October 20, 2019


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