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Professional Styling Heads

Are you an amateur or a professional who would like to perfect your styling and hairdressing techniques? Your intention is quite commendable but you still need to find volunteers who will let you style their hair at will. Or, you can turn to a better solution which is the human hair training dummies. At CTOTAL, you'll find a variety of professional styling heads that will allow you to perfect your technique or test new products.

Styling heads offer a natural texture

One of the main advantages of using a professional styling head to perfect your styling techniques is that it offers a natural texture. Unlike synthetic hair, real human hair allows you to test a wide variety of techniques and products on the hair without the worry of it getting damaged, burning, or even melting.

The CTOTAL hair training heads are made of virgin hair, which means that the hair has not been treated in any way. They are not permed or colored. These training hair styling heads allow you to enjoy a better training experience.

The use of mannequin heads with real hair allows you to work accurately as if you were with a real client. You get the same feel and effects as when you cut and style real hair.

Styling heads have a realistic look

Training Heads offer a very realistic look, unlike synthetic hair which can look too stringy or shiny.

In addition to looking realistic, the human hair in a professional training head mimics the scalp and hairline of a real person. Whether you are a student of cosmetology, hairdressing, or other beauty treatments, it is important that you practice under conditions that are as close to the real thing as possible.

The use of CTOTAL's mannequin heads is an ideal way to build the confidence students have in themselves so they can move on to real human hair without complexes or doubts.

The styling heads are more durable

A training hair head that stays quality over time is ideal for continuing to train and perfect your styling and hairdressing techniques. Therefore, in order to be able to use your training dummy head for a long time, it is strongly recommended to choose a training dummy head with natural human hair.

Even with a quality professional hair styling head with natural human hair, it is important that you take care of it so that its quality lasts. You should therefore store your mannequin head in a safe place like a closet. You should also take care of the hair by washing and conditioning it often.

Training styling heads offer better preparation

When working with human hair, it can be unpredictable and that's where experience and skill develop. CTOTAL's natural hair mannequin heads capture the same properties and unpredictability of human hair.

Unlike synthetic hair, which is predictable, natural hair on mannequin heads gives you the opportunity to train under real conditions. This allows you to deal with the various vagaries of real hair from the beginning of your training. This allows you to equip yourself with the right skills before you start styling real people.

In CTOTAL's online store, you will find real hair mannequins that allow you to familiarize yourself with the rendering and effects of natural hair. These training heads offer realism, durability, and a hands-on styling experience. Take a tour of CTOTAL's online store and browse through the styling heads available to you.



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