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RefectoCil eyelash pads 96 pcs RefectoCil RefectoCil eyelash pads 96 pcs
CHF4.90 *

RefectoCil Application Set Mini RefectoCil RefectoCil Application Set Mini
CHF4.50 *

RefectoCil Artist Palette RefectoCil RefectoCil Artist Palette
CHF10.00 *

RefectoCil Eyelash Curl Kit 36 Anwendungen Wimperndauerwelle RefectoCil RefectoCil Eyelash Curl Kit 36 applications...
CHF58.00 *

RefectoCil Eye Care Pads 4 Stück RefectoCil RefectoCil Eye Care Pads 4 pieces
CHF24.90 *

RefectoCil Brow Styling Strips Enthaarungsstreifen (20 Anwendungen) RefectoCil RefectoCil Brow Styling Strips Depilatory...
CHF39.15 *

RefectoCil Browista Toolkit RefectoCil RefectoCil Browista Toolkit
CHF12.40 *

RefectoCil Starter Kit-Basic Color RefectoCil RefectoCil Starter Kit-Basic Color
CHF66.00 *

RefectoCil LASH & BROW BAR RefectoCil RefectoCil LASH & BROW BAR
CHF109.00 *

RefectoCil Mini Cosmetic Dish 1 & 2 RefectoCil RefectoCil Mini Cosmetic Dish 1 & 2
CHF4.50 *

RC Eyelash lifter RefectoCil RC Eyelash lifter
CHF18.00 *


Refectocil is the ideal solution for tinting your lashes and eyebrows. Founded in 1930, the brand has continued to grow throughout the world. For over 70 years, the brand's products have been recognized as leaders by millions of users.

The Refectocil products in CTOTAL's online store include eyebrow tinting products and developers.

Brow tinting products

RefectoCil Starter Kit

The Starter Kit is the perfect equipment to bring a stylish tint to your lashes and brows. It is perfect for those who would like to try coloring for the first time.

You will find the most common colors of the brand: brown, graphite and gray, light brown, natural brown, blue black, and black.

The colors you will find in this kit are faithful and last up to 6 to 8 weeks. Each tube can be used up to 20 times.

The Lash & Brow Booster Serum

RefectoCil Lash & Brow Booster Serum gives up to 56% more length to your lashes and more thickness to your brows. It also eliminates clogging.

Thanks to its formula containing natural active ingredients, RefectoCil Lash & Brow Booster Serum offers longer root growth for a longer and thicker result.

Following the use of this lash and brow serum, the first results are visible after 6 weeks for significant growth after the first 10 weeks.

The RefectoCil Eyebrow and Brow Tint 0 Blonde Eyebrows

If you're looking for an eyebrow tint to achieve blonde lashes and brows, Refectocil Tint 0 Blonde Brows offers up to 3 shades of natural blonde.

This tint can be used to cover up graying or rough brows. It also offers lighter shades to darker brows.

RefectoCil Eyebrow and Lash Tint 0 Blonde Eyebrows does not run and offers optimal water resistance. It lasts up to 6 weeks.

Refectocil Brow and Lash Shade 4.1 Red

Refectocil Brow and Lash Tint 4.1 Red is a shade that allows you to achieve bold styles with the application of intense red.

For more versatility in creating your looks, you can mix it with 7 other shades. It's water-resistant and won't run. You can wear it for up to 6 weeks after the first application.

Refectocil Brow & Lash Tint 4 Brown

For beautiful brown lashes and brows, RefectoCil Brow & Lash Tint 4 Brown is the perfect product for you. It gives a brown shade with subtle undertones that only enhance your look.

This RefectoCil shade blends perfectly with 7 other colors from the brand while offering good water resistance.

RefectoCil Brow and Lash Tint 4 Brown does not run off and keeps its vivid color for up to 6 weeks.

Refectocil Eyelash & Brow Tint 2.1 Dark Blue

If you have blonde hair, this eyebrow tint perfectly brings out a deep blue effect on your lashes. Just like the other dyes of the brand, it is possible to mix this color with 7 others of the brand for an exceptional result.

RefectoCil Lash and Brow Tint 2.1 Dark Blue is non-bleeding and water-resistant. Its effect remains visible for up to 6 weeks.

Refectocil Brow and Lash Tint 1.1 Graphite

If you want to hide your graying or white lashes and brows in a subtle way, Gray/Graphite Lash & Brow Tint is the product to do it. You can also achieve cool undertones by mixing this tint with other colors.

RefectoCil Brow & Lash Tint 1.1 Graphite is also suitable for men looking to accentuate their eyes. This RefectoCil tint lasts up to 6 weeks and is water-resistant.

Refectocil Eyelash & Brow Tint 1 Pure Black

Refectocil Eyelash & Brow Tint 1 Pure Black is ideal for people with black or dark hair. This coloring allows them to achieve a deep black style.

This RefectoCil dye product is waterproof and has an anti-smudge system. Its effect remains intense for 6 weeks.

RefectoCil Lash & Brow Tint 3.1 Light Brown

RefectoCil's Light Brown Eyelash & Brow Tint offers a natural, versatile coloring for a brighter effect on dark blonde and light brown hair.

RefectoCil Eyelash & Brow Tint 3.1 Light Brown is ideal for people who want to achieve a discreet eyebrow enhancement. It is water and stain-resistant.

RefectoCil Natural Brown Eyelash & Brow Tint

Natural Brown Lash Tint offers a deep, dark brown that works with many styles. It is effective for coloring eyelashes and eyebrows in natural brown.

RefectoCil Natural Brown Eyelash & Brow Tint can be mixed with all other RefectoCil colors. This stain is water-resistant, non-runny, and lasts 6 weeks.

RefectoCil Eyelash & Brow Tint Black Blue

The blue-black shade of this RefectoCil gives a slight bluish sheen that adds depth and shine. This makes for a stunning Blue Black look.

The RefectoCil Lash and Brow Tint Black Blue can be mixed with the other 7 RefectoCil colors. It is also water-resistant and lasts up to 6 weeks.

RefectoCil Developer Products

RefectoCil OxIdant 3% 10 vol. Cream Developer

Oxidant Cream has a texture that makes it easy to mix with stains. It is the perfect developer to achieve a perfect coloring result.

Its dropper device allows for precise and economical droplet expulsion. It is available in a 100 ml bottle.

RefectoCil Oxidant 3% 10 Vol. liquid developer

RefectoCil Liquid Developer improves the coloring of lashes and eyebrows. It is also safe for use in the area around the eyes.

Thanks to its liquid consistency, the dyes are more liquid and easier to handle.


The CTOTAL online store is full of RefectoCil eyelash and eyebrow coloring products. You will find eyelash and eyebrow tints, developers, and various accessories.





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