How does Olaplex work? What do the numbers mean and which one is suitable for my hair?
Are the products silicone-free? We answer these and other questions for you in this article.
They already became a trend in the 60s thanks to style icon Brigitte Bardot and had their comeback in 2021: the curtain bangs.
Who are curtain bangs and what should you watch out for when cutting?
How many times have you been annoyed by flying, static hair?
Here we share with you the 10 most helpful hacks to get rid of static electricity, or better yet, how to keep your hair from charging in the first place.
Breitere, dichtere Augenbrauen und einen wacheren Ausdruck in nur 10 Minuten – Eine Eyebrow Lamination eignet sich für jeden, der Augenbrauen hat und diese gerne voll und buschig mag. Wie man seine Augenbrauen ganz einfach selber laminieren kann, erfahren Sie hier in einer Schritt für Schritt Guideline.
How do I avoid razor bumps, razor burn and skin irritation after shaving?
In this blog article we have summarized the most important tips from professional barbers for a well-groomed and soothing beard shave
Coloring eyebrows yourself, made easy!
The cold in winter, the heat in summer, the straightening iron or the curling iron. Dry hair can result from several different environmental or mechanical influences. Here are our top tips on what to do about your dry hair or how to avoid it in advance.

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