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Goldwell Topchic Depot Pump The Goldwell Topchic Depot pump is primarily intended for... more
Product information "Goldwell Topchic Depot Pump"

Goldwell Topchic Depot Pump

The Goldwell Topchic Depot pump is primarily intended for the precise and balanced dosing of the oxidizing lotion, as well as for optimal distribution.

This Goldwell Topchic brand pump is suitable for measuring the Topchic oxidizer before combining it with the same brand of dye because of its texture, which makes it easy to apply, and precision, which ensures a precise balance when dosing.

The benefits of the Topchic Depot pump:

- Primarily intended for measuring Topchic Oxidizer;
- Offers a perfect and balanced dosage;
- Simple to use.
- Allows for a balance between the Topchic Goldwell oxidizer and dye.

How to use the Topchic Depot pump?

- It is necessary to attach the Topchic Depot pump to the dye tray, and thus to dose the oxidant in the 1:1 ratio, i.e. the same dosage of dye used is that of the oxidant.
- Mix the contents thoroughly to get a creamy paste, then apply it to the areas you want to color right away.
- Leave the mixture on the hair for 35 to 45 minutes.
- After the required time has passed, thoroughly wash the hair with a color-protecting shampoo.

C-Total tips:

- If you're going to use the pump to dose the separate oxidants, make sure it's clean so they don't mix; 
- The Topchic Depot pump is ideal for applying Topchic Lotion.


Q: What types of stains may Topchic Lotion be used with?
A: You can use Topchic Lotion with Topchic Eluminated Depot, Topchic Depot, and Topchic Tube.

Q: Can you tell me where I can find the true color highlights?
A: Yes, Goldwell's Topchic color chart, as well as Goldwell's Topchic Colorance color chart, are suitable for presenting the actual highlights of Topchic colors.


Product type: Spare pump
Function: Doser
Brand: Goldwell
Product color: white
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