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Product information "Panasonic Shaving Head WER9716Y"

Panasonic Shaving Head WER9716Y

Upgrade your shaving experience with the Panasonic Shaving Head WER9716Y. Designed to fit multiple Panasonic shaver models, this high-quality shaving head ensures a close and comfortable shave with every use.

The durable stainless steel blades are built to last, making it a cost-effective choice for those who desire a professional-level shave without breaking the bank.

Benefits of Panasonic Shaving Head WER9716Y :

- Provides a close and comfortable shave every time
- Made with high-quality stainless steel blades for long-lasting performance
- Easy to replace and more affordable than purchasing a new shaver

How to Use Panasonic Shaving Head WER9716Y :

- Turn off your shaver and remove the old shaving head
- Align the new shaving head with the shaver and push it in until it clicks into place
- Turn on the shaver and start shaving

C-total Tips :

- Replace the shaving head regularly to ensure the best possible shaving experience
- Clean the shaving head after each use to avoid clogging and ensure a long lifespan
- Use shaving cream or gel to reduce irritation and improve the quality of your shave


Q : Is the Panasonic Shaving Head WER9716Y compatible with other Panasonic shaver models ?
A : Yes, the Panasonic Shaving Head WER9716Y is compatible with multiple Panasonic shaver models. Please refer to the product specifications to determine compatibility with your shaver.

Q : How often should I replace the shaving head ?
A : It is recommended to replace the shaving head every 6-12 months depending on usage frequency.

Q : Can the shaving head be cleaned with water ?
A : Yes, the shaving head can be cleaned with running water to ensure easy cleaning.

Brand: Panasonic
Product color: black
Product type: Shaving head
Function: Spare part
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