XanitaliaPro Regea Sport Massage Cream Camphor - 500 ml

XanitaliaPro Massage Cream With Camphor

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CT-15744 XanitaliaPro Massage Cream With Camphor 500 ml
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XanitaliaPro Massage Cream With Camphor XanitaliaPro Regea Sports Massage Cream, a... more
Product information "XanitaliaPro Massage Cream With Camphor"

XanitaliaPro Massage Cream With Camphor

XanitaliaPro Regea Sports Massage Cream, a camphor-based formula, is your ideal pre-activity partner that works to stimulate and warm the skin effectively. This 500ml jar of cream, free from parabens, paraffin, and SLES, is specially designed to enhance your sports performance and well-being. Its stimulating and warming properties make it a must-have item for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and sports therapists.

Benefits of XanitaliaPro Massage Cream With Camphor:

- Stimulates and warms the skin, preparing muscles for sporting activity.
- Creates an immediate sense of well-being, essential for peak performance.
- Its therapeutic properties help in improving blood circulation and relieving joint discomfort.
- Suitable for professional use in beauty centers, wellness and spa centers, tanning centers, and gyms.
- Provides hydration, relaxation, and freshness to the skin.

How to Use XanitaliaPro Massage Cream :

- Apply the equivalent of two almonds of cream to your hand or massage glove.
- Actively massage the cream onto the desired area, increasing pressure and amount of cream as necessary to achieve desired results.
- Use before or after physical activity to take full advantage of its healing and revitalizing properties.

C-Total Tips:

- For best results, apply the cream before engaging in sports or physical activity.
- Increase the pressure and amount of cream for a more noticeable healing effect.
- Regular use can improve skin tone and overall well-being.


Q: Can XanitaliaPro Massage Cream be used for other massages besides sports massages?
A: Yes, the cream is suitable for all types of massages and is especially beneficial in therapeutic and muscle-relaxing massages due to its camphor properties.

Q: Can I use this cream if I have skin conditions such as acne or rosacea?
A: Yes, this cream can be used as it has therapeutic properties that help in treating conditions like acne or rosacea. However, as with any skincare product, if irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional.

Q: How often should I use XanitaliaPro Massage Cream?
A: The cream can be used whenever you're engaging in physical activity, both pre and post-activity, for its stimulating, warming, and healing effects. Regular use is recommended to fully benefit from its properties.

Brand: Xanitalia
Skin types: all skin types.
Gender: Unisex
Product line: Regea
Product type: Body Cream
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