XanitaliaPro Round Rubber Band

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XanitaliaPro Round Rubber Band Pack Meet your new hairstyling companion with the... more
Product information "XanitaliaPro Round Rubber Band"

XanitaliaPro Round Rubber Band Pack

Meet your new hairstyling companion with the XanitaliaPro Round Rubber Band pack. The pack contains 50 pieces of 80mm rubber bands, perfect for managing various hairstyles with ease and precision. Whether you're styling for a sophisticated event or a casual day out, these rubber bands provide a strong hold without compromising on comfort. Available in a minimum pack of 12 with options for 5x24pcs or 10x60pcs packs, the XanitaliaPro Round Rubber Bands cater to both individual users and professional hairstylists.

Benefits of the XanitaliaPro Round Rubber Band Pack:

Strong Hold: These 80mm round rubber bands provide a robust grip to securely manage your hairstyles.
Comfortable Use: The bands are designed to hold hair without causing discomfort or breakage.
High Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of hairstyles and hair types.
Bulk Availability: Available in larger packs, making it an ideal choice for professional stylists and salons.

How to Use the XanitaliaPro Round Rubber Band Pack:

- Choose a rubber band from the XanitaliaPro pack to match the thickness and style of your hair.
- Gather your hair into the desired style, such as a ponytail, braid, or bun.
- Wrap the round rubber band around the hair until it feels secure.
- Adjust as needed to achieve the desired tightness and style.


The XanitaliaPro Round Rubber Bands are made from high-quality, durable rubber material. This ensures that the bands retain their elasticity over time and provide a consistent, robust hold for various hairstyles.

C-Total Tips:

- To avoid hair breakage, try not to overstretch the rubber band.
- Regularly switch out used bands for new ones to maintain a strong grip.
- Always remove the band gently from hair to prevent hair damage or pulling.


Q: Can these rubber bands be used for all hair types?
A: Yes, the XanitaliaPro Round Rubber Bands are versatile and suitable for all hair types.

Q: Do they maintain their elasticity after frequent use?
A: Made from high-quality rubber, these bands are designed to maintain their elasticity over time. However, to ensure maximum hold, it's recommended to replace used bands regularly.

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