XanitaliaPro Wooden Spatulas

XanitaliaPro Wooden Waxing Spatula

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CT-15714 XanitaliaPro Wooden Waxing Spatula 22 CM
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XanitaliaPro Wooden Spatulas Get precise and efficient hair removal results with... more
Product information "XanitaliaPro Wooden Waxing Spatula"

XanitaliaPro Wooden Spatulas

Get precise and efficient hair removal results with XanitaliaPro Wooden Spatulas. Our high-quality, single-use spatulas are expertly designed to allow for optimal distribution of hot wax, making them perfect for professional estheticians and at-home use alike. With a focus on precision, our spatulas enable you to apply wax in small, controlled movements, ensuring thorough coverage and superior results.

Benefits of the XanitaliaPro Wooden Spatulas:

- Precise Application: The XanitaliaPro Wooden Spatulas enable precise and controlled application of hot wax, ensuring thorough coverage and maximum effectiveness for hair removal.
- Optimal Wax Distribution: Drawing small eights with the spatula helps distribute the wax evenly, allowing for more efficient hair removal and minimizing the risk of missed spots.
- Versatile Length Options: Available in 8.8 cm, 11 cm, and 22 cm lengths, XanitaliaPro Wooden Spatulas offer versatility to cater to various needs, including finishing face details and other body areas.

How to Use XanitaliaPro Wooden Spatulas ?

- Heat the wax to the desired temperature.
- Take a XanitaliaPro Wooden Spatula and dip it into the wax.
- Apply the wax to the targeted area, following the opposite direction of hair growth.
- Use small, controlled movements to draw eights, ensuring even distribution of the wax.
- Repeat the process as needed for complete coverage.

What's Included ?

- XanitaliaPro Wooden Spatulas (8.8 cm, 11 cm, and 22 cm)

C-total Tips:

- Cleanse the spatula after each use to remove any wax residue for better performance.
- Store the spatulas in a cool, dry place to maintain their quality.
- Consider using different sizes of spatulas for different body areas, ensuring optimal precision.


- Clean the spatula with a mild soap solution and warm water after each use.
- Dry the spatula thoroughly before storing it.
- Inspect the spatula regularly for any signs of damage and replace if necessary.


Q: Are XanitaliaPro Wooden Spatulas reusable?
A: No, XanitaliaPro Wooden Spatulas are designed for single-use only to ensure hygiene and performance.

Q: Can these spatulas be used for facial hair removal?
A: Yes, XanitaliaPro Wooden Spatulas are available in various lengths, including smaller sizes suitable for finishing face details.

Product type: Wooden spatulas
Brand: Xanitalia
Product color: beige
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