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Product information "ghd Duet Style Black (PU Version)"

ghd Duet Style Black (PU Version)

Introducing the ghd Duet Style Black (PU Version), a ground-breaking innovation in hair styling tools. This unique 2-in-1 hot air styler revolutionizes your hair routine by efficiently drying and styling your hair simultaneously. Powered by cutting-edge Air-fusion™ technology, this device delivers unbelievably smooth, frizz-free hair with natural moisture retained. Simplify your styling routine and embrace healthier hair with ghd Duet Style.

Benefits of the ghd Duet Style Black (PU Version) :

- Transform your wet hair into beautifully smooth styles without any thermal damage, courtesy of the innovative technology.
- Predict your hair's needs with advanced infinity sensors and maintain an optimal low temperature from root to tip.
- Enjoy up to 3.5x more hair alignment and 2x more shine with the Shine Shot™ mode that also transforms the device into a regular flat iron.
- Operates with up to 30% less energy consumption, making your hair styling routine more sustainable and energy-efficient.

How to Use the ghd Duet Style Black (PU Version) :

- Start with towel-dried hair
- Turn on your Duet Style and wait until it's ready. 
- Divide your hair into manageable sections and style each section from roots to ends. 
- Once completely dry, activate the Shine Shot™ mode for an additional boost of shine. 

Materials :

This revolutionary hair styler boasts of advanced internal aerodynamics and four smart heated styling plates, each equipped with state-of-the-art infinity sensors. The materials used are designed to predict your hair's needs and maintain optimal low temperatures from root to tip, ensuring the health and shine of your hair are not compromised.

C-Total Tips :

- Always ensure your hair is towel-dried before using the ghd Duet Style to avoid unnecessary damage.
- Remember to prep your hair with ghd Sleek Talker for optimal results.
- Use the Shine Shot™ mode only on completely dry hair for an additional boost of shine.


Q: Does the ghd Duet Style cause any thermal damage to the hair ?
A: No, the ghd Duet Style is designed to cause no thermal damage, sizzling, or burning smell while using.

Q: Can I use the ghd Duet Style on wet hair ?
A: Yes, the ghd Duet Style is designed for use on towel-dried hair to dry and style simultaneously.

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