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Goldwell Workboy 

Experience optimal convenience and durability with the Goldwell Workboy, a high-quality service dolly designed specifically for hair salons and hairdressers. With its generous dimensions of 86 cm in length and a stable platform measuring 44x33 cm, this versatile tool provides ample space for all your work needs. The Goldwell Workboy's exceptional craftsmanship ensures durability and longevity, making it an essential asset in any salon environment.

Benefits of the Goldwell Workboy:

- Enhanced Efficiency: Streamline your salon operations with the Goldwell Workboy's spacious design, providing a stable and secure platform for organizing your hairdressing tools and equipment.
- Anti-Hair Technology: The specially designed wheels equipped with anti-hair technology prevent hair from tangling, making the Goldwell Workboy ideal for salons and facilities where hair management is crucial.
- Durability and Quality: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Goldwell Workboy is built to withstand the rigors of a professional salon environment, ensuring long-lasting performance.

How to Use the Goldwell Workboy ?

- Position the Goldwell Workboy near your work area for easy access to your hairdressing tools.
- Place your tools on the stable platform, utilizing the generous space to keep them organized and within reach.
- Utilize the large drawer and three small drawers for additional storage, providing convenient access to frequently used items.
- Move the Goldwell Workboy effortlessly around the salon, thanks to its smooth-rolling wheels equipped with anti-hair technology.

What's Included with the Goldwell Workboy ?

- Goldwell Workboy service dolly with a length of 86 cm and dimensions of 44x33 cm.
- Large drawer and three small drawers for convenient storage.
- Smooth-rolling wheels with anti-hair technology for easy maneuverability.

C-total Tips :

- Maximize efficiency by organizing your hairdressing tools according to your workflow on the Goldwell Workboy.
- Utilize the additional storage drawers to keep frequently used items within arm's reach, saving time during hairdressing tasks.
- Regularly clean and maintain the anti-hair technology wheels to ensure optimal performance and longevity.
- Consider investing in multiple Goldwell Workboys for different workstations within your salon, enhancing productivity and convenience.

Maintenance of the Goldwell Workboy:

- To maintain the Goldwell Workboy's pristine condition, wipe it clean regularly using a soft cloth or mild cleaning solution.
- Inspect the wheels periodically, removing any debris or hair buildup to ensure smooth movement.
- Check and tighten any loose screws or bolts to maintain the dolly's structural integrity.


Q: Is the Goldwell Workboy suitable for professional hair salons?
A: Absolutely! The Goldwell Workboy is specifically designed for hair salons and hairdressers, offering durability, ample space, and anti-hair technology wheels to tackle hair-related challenges.

Q: Can the Goldwell Workboy accommodate different hairdressing tools and equipment?
A: Yes, the Goldwell Workboy provides a stable platform with dimensions of 44x33 cm, allowing you to organize and store various hairdressing tools, ensuring they are readily accessible during your work.

Product type: Hairdresser's cart
Brand: Goldwell
Product color: black
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