Redken Pliable Paste :  Elevate your hair styling game with Redken Pliable Paste,... more
Product information "Redken Pliable Paste"

Redken Pliable Paste : 

Elevate your hair styling game with Redken Pliable Paste, the ultimate choice for flexible and adaptable hairstyles. This medium-control hair paste is the secret to creating versatile looks on any hair length without worrying about flakes, residue, or stiffness. Infused with wheat protein, this lightweight paste ensures your style stays put while leaving your hair feeling moisturized and easy to reshape.

Benefits of Redken Pliable Paste:

- Best Hair Styling Paste: Achieve the most flexible and versatile hairstyles effortlessly.
- Medium Control, Endless Possibilities: Redken Pliable Paste provides the perfect balance of hold and flexibility.
- Flake-Free and Lightweight: Enjoy a residue-free finish with hair that feels weightless.
- Fragrant Charm: Delight in the delightful notes of citrus, jasmine, and musk as you style your hair.

How to Use Redken Pliable Paste ? 

- Take a small amount and rub it between your palms.
- Apply to either damp or dry hair to mold, shape, or twist your hair into the desired style.
- Pair it with your personalized hair styling routine for added control and creativity..

C-total Tips:

- To ensure optimal styling, start with a small amount and gradually add more if needed.
- Experiment with different styles and reshape your hair throughout the day with ease.

Maintenance of Redken Pliable Paste:

- Store your Redken Pliable Paste in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.


Q: Is Redken Pliable Paste suitable for all hair types?
A: Yes, this versatile paste works for all hair types, offering medium control without compromising flexibility.

Q: Can I rework my hairstyle during the day with Redken Pliable Paste?
A: Absolutely! The pliable nature of this paste allows you to reshape your hairstyle as often as you like, giving you endless styling possibilities.

Hair type: All hair types
Effect: Gloss, Hair styling, Texture
Scalp: All scalp types
Available Volume: 150 ml
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