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Product information "XANITALIA Head Mannequin Medium Hair Density"

Xanitalia Head mannequin

The Xanitalia Hair Practice head is conceived of 100% human hair of Indian origin, making it excellent for dyeing, bleaching, and coloring. This human hair mannequin head is made from high-grade hair raw materials and is the product of professional processing. The original structure of the hair is preserved regardless of the treatments applied, resulting in a silky, strong, and easy-to-comb hair model. Furthermore, the hair was incorporated in the original growing direction.

Hair Mannequin Benefits & Features:

- Ideal training head for hairdressers,
- Medium hair density,
- 100% natural hair of Indian origin,
- Colour code: 6,
- Hair length: 35 cm.

How to take care of your Mannequin Head?

- After using any product, chemicals, coloring, or processing cream on the doll head soak the doll head’s hair in warm water. (Using hot or cold water may cause the hair to mat or tangle.)
- Shampoo and rinse the hair,
- Add conditioner and rinse,
- Dry the hair.

How to Properly Shampoo and Detangle your Mannequin Head?

- When shampooing or conditioning, massage the product gently through the hair from the roots to the ends.
-Avoid rubbing or twisting the hair as this may cause it to mat or tangle. Then, rinse the hair with clean, lukewarm water.
- Blot the excess water gently with a towel. (Never, ever rub!)
- Gently comb through the hair, piece by section, beginning at the roots and working your way to the ends.
- If the hair becomes badly tangled, allow the hair to dry thoroughly, then comb it gently; or soak the hair with warm water and conditioner, then shampoo and comb it from the base to the end.

C-total tips:

- Avoid using a deep cleansing shampoo as it may develop tangles.
- Always make sure that the doll head is completely dry before storing it, an unpleasant odor or tangling may result if the hair is wet.  
- When using a heat appliance, we suggest not exceeding 150 Celsius.


Q: Can I wash my Mannequin head hair?
A: Yes, we recommend using the following shampoo: BioSilk Hydrating Therapy Shampoo in conjunction with the following conditioner BioSilk Hydrating Therapy Conditioner.

Q: Can you flat iron mannequin hair?
A: This training mannequin head for hairdressers, is made of 100% human hair which makes it perfect for practicing Cutting, Curling, Braiding, Perms, Dyeing.

Q: How long is this doll’s hair?
A: the hair length of the doll is 35 cm, with medium hair density. 


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