Men Beard & Hair Head Mannequin

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Product information "Men Beard & Hair Head Mannequin"

Beard and Hair Head Mannequin Xanitalia

Xanitalia Hair and Beard Mannequin is an indispensable tool for learning hairdressing. Made out of 100% Indian human hair, this training head for hairdressers can withstand any chemical treatment due to its exceptional hair quality. Whether it’s a haircut, coloring, or bleaching. This Head mannequin is equipped with a long beard made of 100% human hair making it the perfect shaving, beard cutting, and styling practice for barbers. Regardless of the treatments used, the original structure of the hair is preserved, resulting in a smooth, robust, and easy-to-comb hair model. The hair was also incorporated in the original growing direction.

Men Head Mannequin Benefits & Features:

- Ideal Practice and training head for Barbers and Hairdressers,
- Correct hair density,
- Color dark brown,
- 100% human hair,
- Long beard and hair,
- Comes with a rubber pad.

How to take care of your Men Mannequin Head?

- Soak the Beard & Hair of the Mannequin hair in warm water after usage of any product, chemicals, coloring, or processing cream on it.
- Shampoo and rinse your hair.
- Rinse with conditioner.
- Blow-dry your hair.

How to Properly Shampoo and Detangle your Mannequin Head?

- When shampooing or conditioning, gently massage the product from the roots to the ends of the hair.
-Avoid rubbing or twisting your hair, since this can cause it to mat or tangle. The hair should then be rinsed with clean, lukewarm water.
- Using a towel, carefully blot the excess water. (Never, ever, ever rub!)
- Comb through the hair gently, bit by section, starting at the roots and working your way to the ends.
- Allow the hair to dry completely before combing it gently, or wash the hair in warm water and conditioner, then shampoo and comb it from the roots to the ends.

C-total tips:

- Avoid using a thorough washing shampoo because it can cause tangles.
- Always ensure that the mannequin’s hair and beard are totally dry before storing it; if the hair or beard is wet, an unpleasant odor or tangling may occur.
- When utilizing a heat appliance, we recommend not surpassing 150 degrees Celsius.


Q: Can I wash my Mannequin head hair and beard?
A: Yes, we recommend using the following brand's product: DearBarber, this brand offers a large range of men's hair products that are appropriate and safe for this mannequin head.

Q: Can I use heat appliances on this mannequin head?
A: Yes, the mannequin head is made purely of natural hair, making it suitable for use with heat appliances.


Product type: Doll head / practice head
Function: Hairdresser training
Brand: Xanitalia
Material: Human hair
Product color: Brown
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