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Product information "XANITALIA Long Hair Exercise Head"

XANITALIA Long Hair Exercise Head - 100% Natural Indian Hair

XANITALIA Long Hair Exercise Head is a great way to start your hairstyling journey; it's made for both pros and would-be stylists. This practice head, made entirely of natural Indian hair, is a vital resource for learning different hairstyles, colors, and methods. As an apprentice, student, or hair styling enthusiast, you can be confident that you will receive the practical experience required to improve your talents with this product.

Benefits of XANITALIA Long Hair Exercise Head

- Crafted with 100% natural Indian hair for authentic hairstyling experience.
- Suitable for various hairstyling techniques, from coloring to cutting.
- Universal application thanks to the rubber padding, making it compatible with various clamps.
- Perfect tool for both training and personal practice.
- Durable and long-lasting for repeated use.

C-total tips

- Regularly deep condition the hair to maintain its natural texture and shine.
- Use wide-tooth combs for detangling to avoid hair breakage.
- Rotate your practice styles to maximize the longevity of the exercise head.


Q: What is the length of the hair on the XANITALIA Exercise Head?
A: The hair length ranges between 40/45 cm to 50 cm.

Q: Can I use high heat tools on this exercise head?
A: Yes, but ensure not to exceed a temperature of 180°C.

Q: Where is the product sourced from?
A: The hair is 100% natural and sourced from India.

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