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Wella Professionals Dye Bowl

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WELLA Professionals Dye Bowl : WELLA Professionals Dye Bowl is the perfect tool for... more
Product information "Wella Professionals Dye Bowl"

WELLA Professionals Dye Bowl :

WELLA Professionals Dye Bowl is the perfect tool for professional hair coloring.

As a professional hair stylist, you know that precision and accuracy are key when it comes to coloring your client’s hair. The WELLA Professionals Dye Bowl is the perfect tool to help you achieve the perfect shade every time. With its high-quality construction and ergonomic design, this dye bowl makes it easy to mix and apply hair color with confidence.

The advantages of WELLA Professionals Dye Bowl :

- Professional-grade quality
- Ergonomic design for easy mixing and application
- Durable construction for long-lasting use

How to use WELLA Professionals Dye Bowl ?

- Mix your desired hair color according to the instructions on the product packaging
- Pour the mixed color into the dye bowl
- Use a hair coloring brush or applicator to apply the color to your client's hair
- Follow the recommended processing time and rinse thoroughly after coloring

C-Total tips :

- Always use gloves when handling hair color to protect your skin
- If you're looking for a similar product, try the L'Oreal Paris Mixing Bowl and Brush Set, which also offers professional-grade quality and ease of use.


Q : Can the WELLA Professionals Dye Bowl be used with any hair color brand ?
A : Yes, this dye bowl can be used with any brand of hair color.

Q : How big is the WELLA Professionals Dye Bowl ?
A : The size of the dye bowl may vary, but it is typically large enough to hold a sufficient amount of hair color for coloring multiple clients.

Product type: Color bowl
Function: Mix hair color
Brand: Wella
Product color: black
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