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Product information "ghd Hair Dryer"

ghd Hair Dryer 

Created by the brand ghd, the professional hair dryer is designed mainly to keep the hair smooth and shiny while creating beautiful hairstyles, it also allows to dry the hair quickly and without noise.

The good hair day hairdryer provides fast drying with a 2200 watt motor that has a longer life and a 3m professional cord that allows you to work more comfortably, adding to its new Aeroprecis technique that allows you to have smoother hair.

With an ergonomic design that balances the weight of the hair dryer, a temperature controller that allows you to set the right temperature for your hair, and with the silicone ring that allows you to store the hair dryer safely. The Good Hair Day hair dryer is the best hair dryer.

What are the benefits of GHD hairdryer?

- Powerful 2200 watt motor.
- Advanced ionic technology.
- Power and temperature control.
- Ergonomic design that balances the weight.
- Cold air touch technology.
- 3m professional cord.

How to use GHD hair dryer?

To use the hair dryer, start at the roots and work down to the ends, making sure to detangle the hair using a brush, after completing the process, complete the look with the cold air button to flake the hair.

Tips from C-Total:

- Adapt the temperature of the hair dryer to your hair.
- Avoid sticking the dryer directly on the hair, a distance of 20 cm is necessary.
- For more volume, use the hairdryer upside down.


Q: Does the ghd Hair Dryer have a cool shot button?
A: Yes, the ghd Hair Dryer has a cool shot button to set your style in place.

Q: What is the length of the cord on the ghd Hair Dryer?
A: The cord on the ghd Hair Dryer is 2.7 meters (8.9 feet) long.

Q: Is the ghd Hair Dryer suitable for all hair types?
A: Yes, the ghd Hair Dryer is suitable for all hair types.

About the brand

Good hair day is an icon of hairdressing, through its experts whose main aim is to design products worthy of the company in order to satisfy their demanding customers and to give confidence to stylists, Ghd is considered a source of inspiration for hairdressers.

With 300 beauty awards worldwide, it is the most adored brand by professionals with usage exceeding 250,000 hairdressers worldwide in over 30 countries. The brand represents a revolution that the hairdressing industry has never seen before.

Brand: GHD
Cable length: 3 Meters
Product color: black
Product type: Hair dryer
Watt: 2100
Operation mode : Mains operation
Function: Blow-Dry
Warranty period: 2 years
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