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Want perfect curly hair? Use this diffuser! The Ghd Diffuser is specially designed to... more
Product information "ghd hair dryer diffuser"

Want perfect curly hair? Use this diffuser!

The Ghd Diffuser is specially designed to give your curls the right amount of shine and texture. With the diffuser's 18 spikes to help control curls and reduce frizz for incredible texture and shinier curls than ever.

Compatible with Good Hair Day's Helios hair dryers, the diffuser ensures an even distribution of air to enhance your look with more controlled curls. The ghd diffuser is considered the best curling tool by professionals, so if you want to have well-controlled and consistent curls use the best hair dryer diffuser.

What are the benefits of the hair dryer diffuser?

- Compatible with the Helios ghd hair dryer.
- Smooth airflow.
- 18 pins.
- Gives you controlled curls.

How do I use the hair dryer diffuser?

Connect the diffuser to the hairdryer and divide your hair into 3 sections, then place the diffuser on the ends of each section and move it up towards the roots, tilt your head slightly to the side so that the diffuser is parallel to your skull, then move it up and down until the strands are dry.

Tips from C-Total

- Pre-dry your hair before using the diffuser.
- Adjust the temperature of the hair dryer to your hair.
- For more volume, use the hair dryer upside down.

About the brand:

Founded in 2001, good hair day is currently the market leader in hair straighteners, passionate about the field of hairdressing, the experts of the famous brand are aware of the importance of hair care and try their best to create products and accessories that will always satisfy the customers.

With 300 beauty awards worldwide, it is the most adored brand by professionals with a usage that exceeds 250.000 hairdressers worldwide in more than 30 countries. The brand represents a revolution that the hairdressing industry has never seen before.

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