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XanitaliaPro Cotton Pads

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CT-16755 XanitaliaPro Cotton Pads 100 pieces
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XanitaliaPro Cotton Pads Enhance your skincare routine with XanitaliaPro Cotton Pads,... more
Product information "XanitaliaPro Cotton Pads"

XanitaliaPro Cotton Pads

Enhance your skincare routine with XanitaliaPro Cotton Pads, expertly designed for gentle and efficient makeup removal. These premium cotton pads are made from first-class, pure cotton, ensuring a soft and luxurious feel on your skin. With their exceptional absorbency and resistance, XanitaliaPro Cotton Pads effortlessly remove makeup from your face, eyes, and décolleté, leaving your skin clean, refreshed, and ready for your next beauty ritual.

Benefits of the XanitaliaPro Cotton Pads:

- Soft and Gentle: Crafted from high-quality cotton, these pads are gentle on the skin, preventing any irritation or discomfort during makeup removal.
- Absorbent and Effective: The superior absorbency of XanitaliaPro Cotton Pads ensures quick and efficient removal of makeup, including stubborn products like mascara and foundation.
- Versatile and Multipurpose: Suitable for morning and evening cleansing rituals, these pads are ideal for various skincare applications, including toning, applying lotions, or removing face masks.
- Fiber-Free Assurance: Thanks to their compact structure, XanitaliaPro Cotton Pads do not leave behind any fibers, guaranteeing a clean and residue-free experience.

How to Use XanitaliaPro Cotton Pads ?

- Place a XanitaliaPro Cotton Pad on your fingertips or soak it with your preferred makeup remover or cleansing product.
- Gently sweep the pad across your face, eyes, and décolleté, applying light pressure as needed.
- For targeted makeup removal or precise application, fold the pad or use a smaller section.
- After use, dispose of the pad and follow up with your regular skincare routine.

What's Included ?:

- XanitaliaPro Cotton Pads come in a convenient pack of 100 pieces, ensuring long-lasting use and value for money.

C-total Tips :

- For maximum effectiveness, moisten the cotton pad with micellar water or a gentle makeup remover before use.
- Use one side of the cotton pad for initial makeup removal and then flip it over to a fresh side for additional cleansing.
- To prevent wastage, tear the pads into smaller sections for targeted application or to remove specific areas of makeup.

Maintenance of XanitaliaPro Cotton Pads :

- Store the pads in a cool and dry place to maintain their quality and prevent moisture accumulation.
- Close the packaging tightly after each use to retain the pads' softness and prevent contamination.


Q: Are XanitaliaPro Cotton Pads suitable for sensitive skin?
A: Yes, XanitaliaPro Cotton Pads are designed with a gentle and soft structure, making them suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Q: Can these pads be used with liquid makeup removers?
A: Absolutely! XanitaliaPro Cotton Pads work well with both liquid and cream-based makeup removers, ensuring effective and hassle-free makeup removal.

Product type: Cotton cord
Brand: Xanitalia
Material: Cotton
Product color: white
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