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CT-16762 RefectoCil Eyelash Curl Refill Perm Neutralizer 2 x 3.5 ml
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Product information "RefectoCil Eyelash Curl Refill Perm Neutralizer"

Perm Neutralizer Refectocil Lash Curl Refill

If you're passionate about a stunning look with permanent lashes that are secure and less flyaway, use the eyelash enhancement neutralizer and permanent designed by the Refectocil brand.

Refectocil's brand permanent is designed by the brand's experts using cetearyl alcohol that helps soften and smooth the skin. It also contains hydrolyzed collagen that helps protect and soften the skin and makes lashes easier to detangle and protect for a remarkable shine and softness.

Also, the neutralizer of the brand Refectocil was conceived by using the hydrogen peroxide which allows protection of the skin and opposes the development of microbes so the neutralizer allows nourishing the lashes for a more beautiful glance than ever.

Perm Neutralizer Lash Curl Refill is packaged in long-lasting flakes that last for 18 applications. The neutralizer and lash perm will enhance lashes for a perfect, curly, defined look that lasts for 6 weeks. So, if you want to have perfect lashes without resorting to makeup, the Refectocil brand presents the perfect range for this operation.

What are the benefits of the Refectocil neutralizing and permanent lash enhancement refill?

- Gives a perfect and natural look.
- Allows to give a sublime look for people who do not like make-up.
- Designed for all lash types.
- A look that lasts for 6 weeks.
- Bottle allows to keep the neutralizer and the permanent well.
- Bottles are applicable up to 18 times.

How do I do the Refectocil lash enhancement process?

- Apply the glue on the back of the eyelash enhancement cushion and let it dry.
- Place the lash enhancement pad on the eyelid.
- Generously apply the glue on the cushion and then place the lashes on it.
- Apply the permanent for 8 minutes.
- Apply the neutralizer for 5 minutes.
- Remove the glue and lash enhancement cushions with a moistened cotton swab.


Lashperm: Aqua, thiolactic acid, cetearyl alcohol, ammonia, ammonium bicarbonate, hydrolyzed collagen, ceteareth-20, perfume, sodium cetearyl sulfate, cysteine Hcl, sodium laureth sulfate, Ci 47005, sodium sulfate.
Neutralizer: water, cetearyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, sodium laureth sulfate, citric acid, sodium phosphate, perfume.

Advice from C-Total:

- Before proceeding with the lash enhancement procedure, clean lashes thoroughly with a makeup remover.
- Detangle lashes and eyebrows before applying the care balm.
- Avoid contact with the eyes.


Q: What are the effects of Refectocil Perm Neutralizer Lash Curl Refill?
A: Perm Neutralizer Refectocil Lash Curler Refill nourishes and curls lashes without the use of mechanical lash curlers.

Q: How many treatments can I do with the Perm Neutralizer Refectocil Lash Curler Refill?
A: The Perm Neutralizer Refectocil Lash Curler Refill performs up to 18 treatments.

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