Ronney Professional Sterilizer Tray

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Product information "Ronney Professional Sterilizer Tray"

Ronney Professional Sterilizer Tray

The Ronney Professional Sterilizer Tray is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a reliable and safe way to disinfect their instruments. Made from durable materials, this tray is designed to provide complete safety in the disinfection process. The simple and convenient design of this plastic box makes it an ideal choice for use in salons, spas, or homes.

Benefits of the Ronney Professional Sterilizer Tray:

- Provides complete safety in disinfection
- Easy and convenient to use
- Suitable for use in various settings
- Made from durable materials

How to Use Ronney Professional Sterilizer Tray ? 

- Put the tools in the sterilizing box
- Fill it with disinfectant solution
- Close the cover
- Ensure the tool is completely covered with the disinfectant solution through the window

C-Total Tips:

- Ensure tools are clean before sterilizing
- Use only approved disinfectants
- Always follow the instructions provided with the disinfectant solution


- Clean the tray after each use
- Do not use abrasive cleaners or pads
- Store in a cool, dry place


Q: Can the tray be used for all types of instruments?
A: Yes, the tray can be used for all types of instruments.

Q: How often should I clean the tray?
A: It is recommended to clean the tray after each use.

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